Believe it or not, there’s more to being a groomsman than simply organising the stag and turning up on the wedding day in a suit. Primarily, your job is to support the groom through a very nerve-wracking day. Yes, the bride and her trusted bridesmaids do a lot of the work and take care of a lot of the details but that does not mean the groomsmen are off the hook! So, while the bride and groom will no doubt provide you with what duties you have for their wedding, be it minding the wedding cards or giving a speech, we have provided the rundown on some of the most important duties for you to remember on top of those.

Groomsmen suits

Attend your groomsmen duties

Expect a lot of your spare time to be taken up with plenty of pre-wedding appointments. Yes, these aren’t just for the girls. It’s important to attend your suit fitting so you’re not standing at the altar with your sleeves hanging by your knees. Attend the engagement party, plan the bachelor party (keeping the madness within reason) and you might actually find yourself enjoying the excitement surrounding the big day.


Be the perfect gentleman

On the day itself, timekeeping is everything and if needs be, set four very loud alarm clocks. Arrive approximately 45 minutes before the ceremony and turn on the charm. Have a fair idea of who’s who and escort guests to their seats. Chances are, the groom will be far too nervous to carry out these duties himself so they will inevitably fall into your capable hands!

Mismatched groomsmen

Carry on the evening

Your duties as a groomsman don’t end just as the rings are exchanged and the sacrament is sealed with a kiss. Carry your charm offensive on into the evening and ooze confidence at the reception by helping to seat guests, mingle so no one feels left out, and if needs be, your services may be required to dance with a bridesmaid or two at the party.

- Michelle Storey

Image credits: Groomsmen suits: Pinterest | Black suits: Pinterest | Mismatched suits: Brides