We are living in some pretty crazy events in 2020 and we're not really sure when things can go back to normal (Or if they ever will); but regardless of pandemic and panic, love is still as strong as before and a virus cannot change that! You may not be able to have the lavish wedding day that you originally planned for, but that doesn't mean you can't still spend the happiest day of your life with friends and family. It may just take a little downsizing!

Only Invite The Most Important People

The fewer people the better if I'm being completely honest, if we're being completely honest about this I would urge you to reschedule your wedding day over downsizing it but sometimes that just isn't a viable option. Whether it be your parents, siblings or wedding party, you're going to have to make the difficult choice of one or two people for either side of the family.

Prepare To Change Traditions

One unfortunate element of a lockdown wedding is that you very likely won't be able to have a traditional wedding day. Your parents may not be able to walk you down the aisle or dance with you unless you keep 2 meters apart. This doesn't mean however that you can't change traditions to make sure your big day doesn't feel any less special! A sweeter way to get around this issue is to have your partner walk you down the aisle, if you both live in the same household then you'll be exempt from the distance rule. Some clever tweaking can make your special day feel bespoke as opposed to limited by the government.

Go Digital With It

If you can't bear the thought of not inviting your family and friends to watch you dedicate your life to somebody you love then one creative solution is to go digital with it! Livestream your wedding that your guests can watch from the comfort of their own home. Arrange people into groups (Like a seating plan) and have a video call with each group separately afterwards, this lets you talk to your loved ones about your happy day as if you were sitting down at their table during the reception (It also means you won't be making 50 half-hour phone calls to various family and friends because they all want a chat with the bride and groom.

Don't Call The Whole Thing Off

Your wedding is something you've probably been looking forward to for quite a long time, it's also something that family and friends have been looking forward to for a long time as well! Before you cancel the whole event why not consider postponing your reception? Have an intimate ceremony in your garden and push your big party to a later date. Not only does this give you (and your guests) a light at the end of the tunnel for when this is over, but you'll also be helping businesses stay afloat! Most vendors will be happy to postpone your event to a later date because they want to do what they do best and give you a wonderful day.


- GrĂ¡inne