As a proud pet owner, you treat your animals like family. So, what better way to honour them than to include them in one of the happiest days of your life? While some couples choose to bring their pets along to the wedding as guests (some even go so far as to walk down the aisle), others choose to incorporate their pets in other ways.

Whichever route you go, know that there are so many ways to highlight your two- or four-legged friend on the big day. From tiny animal-inspired trinkets to pet-inspired wedding décor, there are countless ways to personalise your event with the help of your dog, cat, horse, bird, fish, or other pet. If an illustration of your beloved pet doesn’t feel like big enough of a way to honour them on the day, that might be a sign you need to take the plunge and bring them along.

Before you finalise your plans, be sure to check with your venue to see if there are any animal restrictions — and make sure your pet has everything he or she needs (including a diligent pet-sitter) at the event. Keeping them comfortable will only make you appreciate their (well-behaved) presence even more. As any animal-loving couple knows, there’s no better comfort than having your pet by your side.

Dog Invitations

Invitations lend themselves well to personalisation.

Miller and Me

Horse Table Numbers

As a paradoxical homage to your larger furry friends — in this case, horses — display mini animal busts as table numbers.

Rebecca Yale Photography

Pet Seating Chart

An easy way to incorporate more than one pet into your wedding is to use each furry friend as a table number.

Ellie Grace Photography

Signature Cocktail

Create a signature drink in your pet’s honour to serve up during your cocktail hour.

Emma Mullins Photo

Doggie Bags

Take the phrase “doggie bag” literally and decorate small paper favour bags with a picture of your dog on the front.

Sydney Kane Photography

Illustrated Napkins

Bring your pet’s likeness to life in elegant gold foil to really show off how much they mean to you.

Edinger Press On Etsy


Not only do horseshoes symbolise luck, but they also perfectly represent an equestrian’s passion for the animal.

Rachel Havel

Paw-fect Wedding Wardrobe

Bow Tie

Bow ties have been a top fashion choice for centuries. Whether your wedding is a formal event or not, your pooch can look just as fashionable as you in this ensemble.

Wonder & Magic

Floral Collars

Flower collars come in a variety of styles and colours to match your wedding theme. Since they are lightweight, your dog won’t spend the entire day trying to get it off.

Callie Lindsey

Classic Suit & Tie

Want something more “traditional”? A classic suit and tie is a look that will still be classy 50 years from now, and it is a fairly popular option for pet owners.

Bark and Go on Etsy

Styled Bandana

If your dog is used to wearing bandanas, a styled bandana can be a great way to go. This is another classic choice that won’t make your dog feel like they’re dressing too out of character.

Photography By Jo