It's one of the most magical times of the year, a time to celebrate family and friends and coming together to spread love. Chances are, you or your partner have considered getting engaged and are just waiting for the perfect time to pop the question. Here are some of our favourite Christmas proposal ideas!

Advent Calendar

Ryan Liebe

If you want to play the long game with your proposal then why not make them an advent calendar! Fill each day with love notes, trinkets that remind you of them or good old fashioned chocolate and by the middle of December they'll be waking up excited to see their next advent. On the 25th of December put the engagement ring in the drawer/bag/slot and watch them wake up to a beautiful, heartfelt and truly romantic proposal! I would suggest not putting the ring in the calendar until the night before in case they get a little impatient and have a peek.

Surprise Delivery

Is there anything more romantic than a surprise proposal? It's something right out of a Christmas RomCom (Love Actually anyone?), to be surprised at home by a group of carolers singing love songs, or a courier dressed as Santa handing over a beautiful ring! Show your loved one how much you care (And how good at planning you are) buy blowing them off their feet with a memorable proposal.

Russian Doll

Marisa Holmes

If you've been with your partner for quite a while and have previously discussed the idea of getting married (Don't propose if you aren't sure your partner will say yes!) then they may be on the lookout for the telltale signs of a Christmas proposal! Throw them off the scent by hiding the ring in a series of boxes, each bigger than the last so a tiny ring box eventually looks as big as a shoebox. You can even have some fun with it and leave love notes in each box so by the time they get to the ring the mood is super lovey-dovey!

Proposal In Lights

Skywriting may be beautiful but have you considered light writing? Take the time to string fairy lights into a proposal (Or just get a custom neon sign) and then when the time is right, flip the switch and drop to one knee!

In The Snow

Dylan Howell

Take advantage of the beauty of nature and propose in a winter wonderland! Whether you stay in Ireland and hope for snow or head to somewhere you can guarantee a picturesque scene and make sure to snap a ton of photos of your fairytale proposal.

Under The Mistletoe

There are few things more quintessentially Christmas than a kiss under the mistletoe, take the tradition a step further and turn that kiss into a proposal! To be even cuter hang mistletoe all around the house in the run-up to Christmas and make sure to give your sweetheart a kiss when they pass under each one until it becomes a Christmas tradition, then take them off guard with a declaration of love.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Q Avenue Photo

Decorating the Christmas tree together is an important part of being a couple living together at Christmas, take that tradition and turn it into the perfect Christmas proposal! Tie the ring to a length of ribbon and hang it on the tree to unveil to them. Or have a bauble that has "Will You Marry Me" written on it and ask them to hang it up for you.



- Grainne