There are no rules for how to celebrate your wedding day, you can keep, ditch or update any tradition that suits your fancy; when it comes to the classic champagne toast, more and more couples are adding their own signature twist and swapping the bubbly for more budget-friendly/palette preferred options. If you love the idea of the tradition but not so much the bubbly, then you've come to the right place! Here are six drink alternatives for your champagne toast.

1/ Prosecco or Cava

Probably two of the first champagne alternatives that come to mind. If budget is your concern and you can't quite justify splurging on a case of Bollinger for your toast, then processco or cava might be your best option. With a similar look and taste, the average person might not be able to tell the difference if they've never tasted good-quality champagne before. However, prosecco is considerably lighter in taste and often "sparklier" with a very fresh, super-fragrant, typically fruity and flowery flavour. Cava has more citrus notes and hints of pear or quince, but more savoury, mineral flavours and less fruity sweetness and the bubbles are more similar to the persistent but fine froth of champagne.

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2/ Shots

A full 180 from champagne, having a shot toast is a fun, more modern way to celebrate your wedding day! Whether you have a signature shot made by your bartender or keep things simple with high-quality liquor, this is a great way to bring that party feeling to your reception. It often works out to be much nicer on your budget since one bottle can go a long way as a shot requires less alcohol per glass than champagne. Just keep in mind this may be easier to coordinate with a smaller guest list since in the heat of the moment you may find excited guests jump the gun and take their shot too early!

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3/ Cocktails

There's something quite glamorous about having a signature wedding cocktail, and when it comes to the toast giving your guests a personalised mixed drink can elevate the experience! We've given you advice already about picking your signature drink so don't worry about that!  Another fun bonus of a cocktail over champagne is you can ask the bartender to make mocktails for the guests who don't drink and even get the kids involved.

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4/ Mimosas or Bellinis

If you're having a midday wedding or brunch reception then mimosas or bellinis are the way to go! It's technically still a champagne toast, just with the addition of a little orange juice/peach nectar.  Also if you're having a rehearsal brunch or breakfast then you're going to have guests clamouring to make toasts so carry the tradition over to both celebrations for consistency.

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5/ Fruit Wine

If you've never had strawberry wine then you're missing out! Light, sweet but tart and bursting with fruity freshness, this unusual drink is the go-to for wine lovers who want something different. If strawberry isn't your cup of tea but you like the idea of wine then you're in luck, fruit wines come in all shapes and sizes, plum, pomegranate, pineapple, dandelion and cherry are just a few flavours and if you're extra crafty you can give brewing it yourself a go. We guarantee you'll have guests talking about the toast for weeks after the wedding because of the unusual drink!

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6/ Something Seasonal

If nothing else on this list has piqued your interest then we suggest going seasonal with the toast; elderflower wine for spring, Pimms for summer, cider for autumn and mulled wine for winter.

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- Gráinne