Uncover all of the sweet designs which are predicted to make their mark on weddings cake in 2020.

New Flavours

Molly Lichten

The days of the traditional fruit cake are well and truly in the past. Confectioners are getting creative when inventing options for couples with lots of exciting and often unexpected flavours making an appearance including Earl Grey, pistachio, pink champagne and lime, to name but a few.

Fault-line Frosting

Sugar Geek Show

You can expect fault-line cakes to be 2020’s breakout trend. Gorgeous buttercream cakes, these designs feature a peekaboo break with a rough edge which is then filled with anything from fruit, macaroons, sprinkles, flowers – you name it! An edgy take on the traditional buttercream cake, we can’t wait to see the creations to come!

Hand Painted

Stewart Uy

Wedding cakes are a piece of art unto themselves and the hand-painted designs flooding Pinterest are amongst those leaving the greatest impression. Check out this cake which is a combination of hand-painted florals with delicately crafted sugar flowers.


Jose Villa

Put your own stamp on your cake (literally!) with a personalised monogram of yours and your partner's initials. If you are having a monogram created, why not go all out and have it featured throughout your wedding including stationery, napkins, at the front of the bar…. Go wild!


Sanshine Photography

With so many different icings and designs, there are numerous ways to add texture to your cake. From buttercream, fondant, rice paper to royal icing, don’t be afraid to mix and match for dramatic results.

Deconstructed Cakes

Kristen Taylor & Co

This look first came to prominence at the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. Shying away from the traditional stack of tiers, deconstructed cakes are individual but complementary cakes each displayed on their own stand.

Unusual Shapes

Kyle John

Whether it be cube, cone or a mix of different shapes and sizes, think outside the box when dreaming up your wedding cake design for a contemporary take on the classic rounded tiers.

Ornate Sugar Work Icing

Krista Fox Photography

Another feat of artistry when it comes to wedding confectionary, bakers are producing awe-inducing masterpieces such as the delicate, handcrafted sugar flowers shown above. The incredibly realistic recreation is sure to leave your guests doing a double-take.


- Alexandra