The wedding whirlwind might be over, but there’s one more crucial task to tackle - writing thank you notes. These notes are not just a formality; they are a genuine expression of your gratitude for the love and support showered upon you. To make this task a little less daunting and a lot more heartfelt, here are seven tips for crafting the perfect wedding thank you notes.

1/ Start Early, Stay Organised

Don’t let the thank you notes pile up! If you've never written 80 to 100 notes then this is going to be a job that needs a lot of time to complete. Begin writing them as soon as you return from your honeymoon. Stay organised by keeping a record of the gifts and the guest list and a spreadsheet can be incredibly helpful in tracking who gave what, making your task much more manageable!

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2/ Be Personal and Specific

Each guest made your day special in their unique way, so acknowledge that. Personalise your notes by mentioning the specific gift and how you plan to use it or why it’s meaningful to you, maybe add a joke or mutual reference to let them know you haven't used a form or template. A personalised note shows that you’ve put thought into your message and that you truly appreciate the gift.

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3/ Express Emotion

Your thank you notes should reflect your emotions. Express how grateful and touched you were by their presence at your wedding and their thoughtful gesture. Use warm and heartfelt language to convey your thanks, making the recipient feel genuinely appreciated, but avoid overly gushing if it doesn't suit the guest. There's no point pouring your heart and soul out to your husband's coworker or the note will come across as disingenuous.

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4/ Mention Shared Moments

If you shared a particularly special moment with the guest during the wedding, mention it. It could be a dance, a conversation, or a laughter-filled moment. These personal touches remind your guests of the beautiful moments you shared, making your note even more meaningful.

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5/ Timing is Key

Sending your thank you notes within three months of your wedding is the general etiquette. However, it’s better to send them out as soon as possible! A prompt thank you note shows that you value the relationship and the gift, and it ensures your guests don’t feel unappreciated. Sending one a year after the wedding can come across as disorganised and may leave your guests feeling as though they were forgotten.

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6/ Handwritten Notes Add a Personal Touch

In this digital age, a handwritten note stands out. Take the time to pen down your thanks. Your handwriting, no matter how imperfect, adds a personal touch that a typed note can’t replicate. It shows that you’ve invested time and effort into conveying your gratitude. Just make sure to use a good pen and paper so you're not sending out a big smudged mess!

7/ Check and Double-Check

Before sending out your thank you notes, double-check everything. Ensure the names are spelled correctly, the gifts are accurately mentioned, and the tone is appropriate. Attention to these details indicates your sincerity and respect for your guests’ efforts.

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- Gráinne