As we break into 2020, some fresh wedding cake trends are coming our way. This year, it’s all about adapting classic wedding cakes and previous trends to suit the modern couple’s unique style. From edible flowers through bold pops of colour, and even throwback cakes, here’s a look at six of the biggest 2020 wedding cake trends.

1/ Buttercream


Brides are opting for buttercream over fondant and it’s being applied in some novel ways. Whereas in the past, buttercream was all about going big, and then sparingly in nearly naked cakes, designers are really playing with colours and designs. For example, ombre and watercolour cakes are being created with buttercream. There are buttercream wedding cakes with stencils, embossing, ruffles, rosettes, pinstriping too. The list goes on. A lot of what was once only being done with fondant is being achieved through buttercream but takes on a whole new life through the sweeter coating; it’s a bit more fun and laidback.

2/ Natural Flowers

Morgan McCanne

Sugar flowers, especially those made with great artistry, aren’t going anywhere, but more people are requesting natural edible flowers as well. They make a wedding cake look wholly unique and can bring a touch of rustic charm or femininity to the piece. Plus, a surprising number of traditional flowers are safe to eat, so brides can match their cake to the bouquet. Roses are one example. They’re romantic and elegant. Orchids can be either overstated or sophisticated. They’re a bit sweeter. Hibiscus is great as well, but it’s a bit on the tart side, so it needs to be included mindfully. Lilacs, mums, begonias, pansies, and more are all finding their way onto wedding cakes.

3/ Concrete Effect

Alixann Loosle Photography

The concrete effect is more or less the natural evolution of watercolour or marble cake designs in terms of how it’s done and how it looks, but it’s a whole different dimension in terms of vibe. These range from a very light grey colour through black, so they can be industrial or chic. Many couples are also blending unexpected elements, like gold leaf, to give a more luxurious touch. A lot of flowers are being used too; the ultimate fusion of masculinity and femininity.

4/ Neon

Matthew Morgan Photography

Couples getting married today were children in the 1980s (the average age to get married now is roughly 35), so it’s no surprise a great many are going retro with their wedding cakes. Hot pinks, electric purples, and a full range of bold colours are making their debut. On the one hand, this trend is all about fun, but brides today are definitely more confident in owning the day and put their stamp on it top to toe.

5/ Relief Work

Allie Lindsey

The classic white wedding cake will never go out of style. Designs have evolved over the years with more texture being added specific elements brought in to keep things updated. Brides who still are in love with the traditional cake and wedding vibe are breaking up the monocoloured scheme by using relief details in the same colour and pops of colour with their flower accent.

6/ Fault Lines

Christinas Cupcakes

Fault line wedding cakes have really only been emerging over the past few months, so it’s hard to tell whether these will totally replace the geode effect that was popular last year or if they’re just earning a place in the line-up. In more casual settings, the fault line is loaded down with sprinkles, candies, or biscuits, but when it comes to wedding cakes, flowers are the big thing. Some are opting for fruit, naked portions of cake, and artwork within the fault line too.


- Mary Toner from Bakers & Cakers