Finding the perfect way to thank your friends for being there on your big day, amplifying unforgettable moments, can take some careful thought. We all want to give a gift that will last a lifetime - something they will treasure as a pleasant reminder of the special time you have spent together, it also helps if it makes a stunning accompaniment to their outfits on the day. To guide us through the perils of Bridal Party Gifting we sit down with Natasha Andrews from Weir & Sons to discuss gift ideas and to get some fantastic inspiration.


Bridesmaids & Maid of Honour Gifts

Firstly, while you might be tempted to give a joke gift, especially if you have a lighthearted friendship, you should resist this urge and instead opt for a classic gift that will last. Bridesmaids are some of the most valued people in your life, and your gift should reflect this.

“It’s hard to thank someone for adding so much to a special day such as a wedding, adding a personal touch can be priceless though. A classic piece of jewellery never goes out of style and can be kept for a lifetime.”

Jewellery is always a good option as it can be personalised to reflect the individual characters in your party. Not to mention, jewellery is a beautiful keepsake that can be worn on the wedding day and will be treasured forever.

This simple Thomas Sabo bracelet (Thomas Sabo Silver Link Charm Bracelet, €39) comes with charms that can be chosen to match each of your bridesmaids’ personalities. While they all have the same gift, each will be individual to them and they have the option of adding to the bracelet themselves in the future. Individual gifts, rather than a “one gift suits all” will make the gesture of giving even more meaningful and memorable.

Thomas Sabo Silver Link Charm Bracelet €39 (Charms can be added and personalised to each bridesmaid) Thomas Sabo Silver Link Charm Bracelet €39 (Charms can be added and personalised to each bridesmaid)


Earrings are also a fantastic gift, and pearls are a timeless and elegant choice. With lots of options for varying budgets, there will be something to suit everyone and at a price that is right for you. These pearl earrings (Blush yellow gold freshwater pearl earrings, €49) are a timeless classic.

Blush small yellow gold freshwater pearl earrings €49 Blush small yellow gold freshwater pearl earrings €49


This elegant pendant (Cleo Roze Silver Gem Pendant, €69) is a beautiful keepsake that can be worn again and again throughout life.


Cleo Roze Silver Gem Pendant €69 Cleo Roze Silver Gem Pendant €69

Most importantly, whatever you choose, try to make it something that they won't have received before. The chances are that if they have taken on the role of bridesmaid in the past, then they already have a monogrammed dressing gown and matching clutch!


Gifts for the Groomsmen and the Best Man

Boys will be boys, but they should not be forgotten about and picking the perfect gift for your groomsmen should involve the same amount of thought and energy as those chosen for your bridesmaids. Many Grooms settle on the matching gift strategy, and this can come across as a little lazy. While handing out the same item to each member of the wedding party is convenient, it hints of last-minute desperation. Instead, select individual gifts that cater to each of your groomsmen’s personalities. The “same but different” personalised cufflinks for your groomsmen are a great reminder of the big day and something they will value and use forever.

These cufflinks (Sterling Silver Oval Cufflinks, €150) can be left plain or engraved to your specifications.

Sterling Silver oval Cufflinks €150 Sterling Silver oval Cufflinks €150

And who can ever deny the usefulness of a wallet? This Secrid Miniwallet (€65) is both a practical and thoughtful gift: ultrathin, with an inbuilt sophisticated cardholder that deploys your cards with the press of a lever. Ideal for those wanting to feel a little James Bond. These wallets are available in a number of colours and designs and the inner cardholder can also be engraved.

Secrid Miniwallet original Black, €65 Secrid Miniwallet original Black, €65


Watches are a failsafe option when it comes to groomsman gifting and with styles to suit all tastes, some come with the option of personalisation, like this making this gift a little more meaningful.

TWLV Black Leather Mr King watch, €139.95


TWLV Black Leather Mr King watch, €139.95 TWLV Black Leather Mr King watch, €139.95

Whatever you decide to give, be sure that it reflects the appreciation you hold for these members of your wedding party. As some of the closest people in your life, they will be by your side on your special day and in your heart forever.