Trend Report: Styles come and go, but the need for beautiful hair on your wedding day does not. Before you book to your hair trial, take a look at some of the most popular bridal hair accessory trends that will carry into 2020.

Above: Wedding dresses by Lela Rose


Bright coloured flower crown, Babb Photo Babb Photo

Flowers are a classic, ever-present element at any wedding; be it decor, bouquets or a boutonniere. So why not put them in your hair? Whether you're a bohemian goddess or dreaming of a royal wedding, there's a floral hairdo for you!
Fresh flowers in bridal hair is a trend that will never go away; wedding flowers can be woven into angelic crowns or braided directly into the bridal do — incorporating the weddings colour scheme into the otherwise very white outfit even after the bouquet has been tossed.
Floral jewellery can be used to delicately accentuate and enhance classic and simple hairstyles while not overwhelming or taking attention away from the brides beautiful face.


Belmto, Mila Barrette, white pearl rectangle barrette Belmto

The retro revival has been a reoccurring and prevalent trend in fashion over the last few years. Most recently 90's hair accessories. This is no different in bridal fashion. Barrettes, scrunchies and butterfly clips are back, and now they're bridal!
These fun and functional hair accessories have been co-opted by style-savvy brides and re-imagined as an elegant addition to a sophisticated look. The traditional neon pinks, blues and greens have been replaced with ivory, blush and white, rhinestones swapped with Swarovski crystals and glitter traded in for pearls. These chic re-imaginations of nostalgic classics add an element of youthful joy and whimsy to bridal hair.


Light blue veil, light blue silk rose hairband, floraljewellery on Etsy floraljewellery on Etsy

Veils are a trend that never goes away!  A staple in bridal wear, long after white dresses and high heels have been ditched the veil will remain. That doesn't mean, however, that they can't be modern and fun!
Take a break from the traditional veils and reach for something more high fashion or off the beaten path. For a more simplistic bride, the idea of having five metres of tulle dragging behind her might not sound particularly appealing. Fortunately, there are other options. Blushers have been seen popping up in bridal spring 2020 runway shows. Also known as 'mini veils', these small pieces of netting drape across the upper face elegantly and demurely giving the effect of a veil without also sweeping the venue floors. These can be attached to a headpiece or pinned in place with a comb similar to the traditional veil.
Ditch the ivory and cream tulle for something more eye-catching. Coloured veils are all the rage with designers at the moment and can really add a splash of personality to an otherwise one colour ensemble. From blush and lilac to sunflower yellow and cornflower blue, the options are endless, and the result is striking.


Heather Waraksa, large white pearl headband shot by Heather Waraksa for Inbal Dror

Bridal headbands are having their moment right now, and it is easy to see why. Complementing virtually every hairstyle whether caught up or worn down, slicked back or voluminous, long or short; add a headband for a functional and flirty crown on your crown.
For a romantic and Shakespearean look reach for a singlet. One of its most popular uses is as a functional place to attach a veil; this gives short-haired brides an easy way to wear a veil without having to MacGyver it to their head with a million bobby pins.
Elaborate Alice bands have been a popular addition to spring 2020 runways, easy and comfortable to wear they elevate the simplest hairstyles to something fashion week appropriate.

- Grainne