Getting ready the morning of your wedding is a special time for both the bride and the bridesmaids, even before the makeup is on you'll want to look great in your getting ready photos so it's important to dress the part. A trend you may notice if you look through a few of our Real Weddings is that of the bride wearing white and the bridesmaids wearing colour, this doesn't just apply to the wedding attire, but also the pre-wedding wardrobe.

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One of the most important things to consider about your getting ready outfit is the comfort, no point getting pampered if you're going to be uncomfortable in clothes that are too tight or itchy. There are few items of clothing in the world comfier than a pair of pjs!

From fleece to silk, the options are endless and are really dependant on the climate of your wedding. If you're having an Australian destination wedding then thick cotton and fleece might not be the best choice!


One of the main reasons robes are so popular on the day of the wedding is because of how easy it is to take them off. If you're going to spend three hours having your hair and makeup done to perfection then the last thing you want is for the whole thing to be ruined by dragging a t-shirt over it!

Robes offer a timeless look and are very on-trend for your wedding photos and video. You can even have your robe monogrammed with your new initials (if you plan on changing your name) and let it become a sentimental reminder of how you were feeling right before you got married!



Slips are such an elegant and classic way to dress for your getting ready photos, not only are they extremely comfortable, but they're also easy to remove without destroying your hair and makeup. Not just for your granny anymore, these sleek nightdresses are back in trend and look so chic and come in various fabrics and colours to suit any bride.

One of the most versatile aspects of a slip or chemise is the length, a few extra inches of fabric can change the outfit from modest and elegant to flirty and fun while still retaining the classic and refined look of a white or ivory night dress.



Prewedding outfits aren't just for the bride! Many bridesmaids are finding themselves being gifted a pair of stylish pyjamas to wear when they get ready too. Often the bridesmaids pj's are more colourful and fun that the brides white, they incorporate the colour scheme or wedding flowers in their print or material and if you're looking to find a pair the options are seriously endless!

Colourful pyjamas aren't necessarily a niche item on the market, that doesn't mean however that finding the perfect pair will happen immediately! Take a gander about to find the best material, shape and colour of pyjamas that you want to be featured on your wedding day.


Similar to pyjamas a high-quality colourful or patterned robe isn't necessarily hard to come by, give it some thought and pick a robe that you think your bridesmaids would not only happily wear, but be happy to be photographed in!

Robes are a surefire way to give your getting ready experience a spa vibe, however, don't forget that robe ties can accidentally open! Consider wearing a tank top and shorts underneath for modestly if an accident was to happen.


Bridesmaids slips are not only a very comfortable option for the getting ready wardrobe; if they're modern and chic enough, some stylish bridesmaids may jump on the nightdress trend and wear their chemise out and about!

A good satin or silk slip isn't as hard to come by as some may think, because of their fashion resurgence many high-end highstreet shops like Brown Thomas stock a huge range of sizes, colour and materials in a quality that you can guarantee is high class!

- Grainne