The first step on your journey to a beautiful and happy marriage is the proposal and engagement. If you want to buy something personal and bespoke but have absolutely no idea where or how to start planning then we have the article for you! We've asked some of the industry experts for their tips and advice on designing, making the perfect bespoke engagement rings.



  • Before you start your journey to a bespoke engagement ring, ensure you have researched what you like and just as importantly, what you don't like. From the gemstone to carat weight and shape, to the setting style and metal, the possibilities are endless, so it is key to have a brief to start from. Our talented designers will be able to work from your brief, to guide you with will work best for you and your lifestyle, as you will be wearing it everyday forever!

Choosing the right jeweller

  • You need to find a jeweller that you trust and who's pieces you love, as their expertise and advice will be invaluable when designing your perfect ring. The quality of the design and setting is what makes an engagement ring stand out so finding the right quality jeweller is key. As jewellers, we want you to love your ring and enjoy wearing it, so patience is crucial during the process as perfection doesn't happen overnight!

Be honest about your price point

  • Most girls would love a 2ct diamond, however, for the majority of us, this isn't the reality! Being honest about your price point and what you can realistically afford, is key when going bespoke. Our designers can work from 0.25ct to over 10ct, so we will create your perfect ring whatever the budget.

Isabella Edmonstone - PR Executive


Think about your style

  • Do you prefer jewellery that is quite detailed or complex or something that is more pared back? Try on different metal colours to see what you like and what suits you best. White gold may look wonderful on your friend but maybe rose gold is even better on you! Similarly, try on different shapes and widths of the ring to see what looks well on your hand. Fingers can be longer or shorter, and you don’t want your ring to be too wide, or too slim.

Talk to the professionals

  • Visit jewellers in their shop/workshop, have a look at their designs and take the time to discuss how you see your bespoke ring with them. It’s important that everyone has a clear understanding of the brief.

Diamonds or coloured gemstones

  • Although diamonds have been traditionally popular for engagement rings, there are many, many beautiful coloured gemstone options – what about a gorgeous chocolate diamond, a rich green tourmaline or a deep blue sapphire? Angular gemstones look completely different from round or oval ones.  And size can make all the difference – smaller can be perfect on many occasions!

Weddings rings for her and him

  • When looking at engagement rings, do give a moment’s thought to how the wedding band might look when the two rings are worn together. It’s important that you like each ring worn independently as well as the two rings together. When it comes to ring for him, the advice on details relating to metal colours, ring shapes and widths and even gemstone options remains the same – be open to all different variations and make sure you try on different options.

Ann Chapman - Founder & Goldsmith-Designer

Weir And Sons

Don't rush it
  • When it comes to engagement rings, it is important that you take your time choosing it as it is something that you will have for a very long time. I would suggest trying on a number of styles even if they are not something you would have originally thought you might like. It will either confirm your decision or open you up to another style.

Plan Ahead

  • Always keep in mind your wedding band when you are buying your engagement ring to ensure you are happy with how they might sit together.

Consider a unique choice

  • We are seeing a lot more variety in terms of engagement ring styles people go for, everything from solitaires, art deco, vintage, colourful gems to simple diamond bands-it is very much someone’s style and personality that shines through here.

Wait till after the proposal if necessary

  • Promise rings are something that are becoming more popular in terms of surprise proposals and not knowing what ring to go for. The top tip for promise rings is don’t go too big to avoid disappointment when it comes to getting the actual official ring.
 - Gráinne