So far, we have poured over and watched as closely as possible the dresses that were on display in New York’s Bridal Fashion Week. For the year ahead, designers have given us a truly delectable sneak peek into their Spring 2016 collections and we couldn't be more impressed. We've already explored one of the upcoming trends we spotted among these collections, which was the wedding suit, but now we bring you another trend set to take over the bridal world: feathers.

Monique Lhuillier Bridal Spring 2016

Kelly Faetanini Bridal Spring 2016

Over the past couple of days in almost all of the collections we have seen, feathers have been incorporated into the most divine dresses. Designers have gone ahead and given us exactly what we wanted with this particular fashion adornment – a touch of glamour and style. Be it just a light decoration that delicately trails the end of the skirt or a fully sheathed shimmering gown, these feathers were a welcome treat for spring 2016.

Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2016

We've already explored the endless style possibility that feathers can bring to a wedding gown in the form of a throw, and now they are doing the exact same thing by being directly incorporated into the gown. Feathers will always add a sense of glamour and occasion to a gown, creating an air of opulence and elegance around the ruffled bride.

One of our particular favourite combinations of these plumages was the Jenny Packham gown in a deep champagne blush. The elegantly draped flowing ostrich feathers were cinched in at the waist by an embellished sequin belt, which flowed up and down the front of the gown. The flow and placement of the feathers gave the dress a soft air of elegance and the soft blush colour gave the dress a dusty, romantic feel. It had the feathers as its focal point, but managed to refrain from being completely engulfed by the ruffles through its flowing A-line skirt and rosy tone.

Jenny Packham Spring Bridal Collection 2016

Another feathered gown we loved for both its design and frame was the Kelly Faetanini gown in pristine white. Unlike the Jenny Packham piece, where the feathers were an external adornment, in this dress the entire skirt was made out of the plumage. The top half featured a sheer, luminous vest overlay before erupting into a pristine white organza-flared skirt fully covered with ruffling feathers. It was the perfect combination of romantic and lavish style, keeping the upper half delicate and simple while allowing the skirt to take centre stage.

Kelly Faetanini Bridal Spring 2016

For the ground-breaking fashionistas amongst you, you will be extremely happy to know that Vera Wang has offered up an intensely decorated, show-stopping wedding gown in deep black. Yes, you heard us correctly, a feathered black gown. Very black-swan reminiscent, this is a gown for the fearless bride who has a point to prove. With a bandage wrap-around crop top and a separate flowing skirt in silk black feathers, this wedding dress has broken all the rules. It’s dark, inspiring and unapologetic - the best and biggest statement you could make with wedding feathers.

Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2016

Regardless of their shape, colour or placement on a dress, if you opt for a gown that’s covered in ruffles of feathers you will not only become a confident, graceful bride but one that is highly attune to the trends of the fashion world – especially the spring season ahead.

- Roisin Curran

Image Credits: Monique Lhuillier | Kelly Faetanini | Oscar de la Renta | Vera Wang | Jenny Packham via WWD