Diamonds are a girls best friend, and if you're an April baby then they're also your birthstone! Derived from the Greek name ‘Adamas’ meaning ‘unbreakable’ or ‘untamable’, and ‘Diaphanus’ meaning transparent, diamonds are considered one of the most coveted stone around, often costing a pretty penny for even a small stone.

The Meaning

Diamonds are associated with strength, love and health. Throughout history, diamonds have been worn by leaders or power figures to symbolise strength and invincibility. They have also been associated with good health and represent long life and good heart health. Diamonds are considered to be a very spiritual stone; Ancient Greeks thought that diamonds represented the tears of weeping gods. Ancient Romans thought diamonds were considered to be parts of the outer rings of stars, which had fallen to the earth.

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For jewellery, durability is vital; you'll be wearing this stone on your hand, so it's going to have to take a lot of battering; no matter how careful you are, digging through a handbag can cause some severe damage to a fragile stone. One of the big reasons diamond is the most common choice for engagement rings is because it's one the hardest substances in the world, rating 10/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale; you could run it over with a car, and the only damage would be to the metal ring!

But while they may be robust stones, diamonds can be quite high maintenance; just like keeping a glass door smudge free and brilliant you have to give it a proper clean on a semi-regular basis. Diamonds are a natural magnet for grease with the oils from your fingers affecting its brilliance and making it look dull. There are so many tips and tricks to keeping your stone looking perfect but it all really just boils down to having a set at home cleaning schedule and a twice yearly appointment for a professional clean and maintenance.

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Because of the hardness of the stone, a wide array of cuts and designs are at your fingertips! When it comes to diamonds, cut is key. The more facets a diamond cut has, the more it will sparkle and shine. Some of the sparkliest diamond cuts include the round, princess, asscher and radiant shapes.

How the metal of your choice holds your diamond can affect its overall brilliance and susceptibility to external elements. A jewellery setting could easily add or lessen the value of your chosen piece. The most classic among these is called the prong setting. It is also the most popular as the stone is held in place with a minimal amount of metal – usually four or six prongs – allowing more light to pass through the diamond resulting in added brilliance.

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