The right underwear forms the foundations of your entire bridal look so getting it right is imperative. Comfortable and supportive, it should create a streamlined silhouette under your gown without any unsightly lumps or bumps. The first thing you need to get your head around is that the skimpy matching sets are best kept for your wedding night, the majority of the time they are not the right choice for your wedding day. Wedding underwear needs to be supportive yet seamless, invisible to the eye and comfortable, so you feel completely at ease throughout the day. We have compiled some of the most common questions brides ask relating to wedding lingerie to help you find what is best suited to you and your gown.

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What underwear should I wear when going wedding dress shopping?

As you won’t have settled on a particular style yet, it’s best to bring a few options along so you can get a proper idea of which dresses will and won’t work. Pack a strapless and plunge bra along with some shapewear and try to wear seamless underwear on the day. Remember that the bridal store assistants will be helping you in and out of the gowns so wear underwear that you will be comfortable in front of them, you don’t want to ruin the experience by fretting about your discoloured or tatty bras! By coming prepared, you can get a better picture of what the dress would look like on the actual wedding day so don’t be scared to bring a few options.

How do I know which style of underwear I should wear under my dress?

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This will very much depend on the style of gown which you choose, don’t worry – the wonderful ladies in the bridal boutiques are well versed on this topic and will be able to advise you on what is best suited to each gown. If your gown has a full skirt, you can wear pretty much anything of your choosing. If your dress is more form-fitting however, you’ll require something seamless to avoid the dreaded VPL. Seamless underwear or thongs work best for slinky styles along with certain shapewear, but you need to ensure it fits perfectly to achieve that flawless finish and avoid any lumps or bumps. Don’t panic if what works best for you isn’t the pretty little white matching bra and pants, while shapewear isn’t always the most attractive it has come on a lot since the days of the Bridget Jones pants and nobody will know what’s underneath the dress anyway – it’s all about the overall streamlined look!

When should I purchase my lingerie?

Do not buy anything until the deposit has been paid on your gown and you know exactly what styles are required. Avoid impulse buying and set aside some time to chat with the assistants in the store to help find the best option for you. Ideally, you should bring your underwear to your first fitting so try to schedule in some shopping before this. The right underwear creates the perfect foundations under your dress, so practicality takes precedence over prettiness.

Can I wear a bra if my dress is backless?

Depending on your cup size, you may not need a bra at all and could go down the route of pasties and some heavy-duty adhesive tape. You could also explore the possibility of having some cups sewn into your dress by a seamstress, if the dress allows. For those wanting to wear a physical bra, your options include stick-on cups, backless or multiway bras. The stick-on bras can be hit and miss and aren’t ideal in warmer climates as they tend to lose their stickiness. They can also be challenging for the larger chest ladies, that said, Brown Thomas offers an array of stick-on bras and silicone cups which can cater up to an E cup which, as a lady with a larger bust, I have personally tried and tested. Finding what works best for you is about shopping around and trying different options and which ultimately, gives you the best support.

What colour should my lingerie be?

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The traditional colour of wedding dresses tends to be white, cream or ivory, so the lingerie should stick to a more muted palette of nude, beige, cream or pastel tones. It depends on the fabric of your gown, if you have a gown made with a full skirt and several layers, you can wear pretty much anything, but the slinkier silhouettes require a little more caution. Even if your dress is white or cream, try to stick to lingerie which will blend with your skin tone as white can still show under certain thinner fabrics. Some ladies like to incorporate their something blue through their underwear and there are so beautiful options available for this if your dress allows!

I don’t like my tummy area, what can I wear to help disguise this?

This is an extremely common concern for many women worldwide, so the good news is, there are lots of options to help disguise any problem areas. Corsets, shapewear and Basques are all good options but again, you need to ensure you find the right size for you or you run the risk of creating a lump of back fat at the top of the corset. Many brands also offer some pretty slips which help to hold everything in and create a smooth, neat silhouette underneath your gown.

Where should I buy my wedding underwear?

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This is very much dependent on what you need, the larger department stores such as Brown Thomas, Marks & Spencer and Arnotts offer an extensive selection in various shapes, sizes, styles and brands. There are also smaller boutiques, such as Peaches & Cream, which will specialise in the specific styles required for occasion wear. No matter where you go, don’t be afraid to ask for a personalised fitting to ensure you are purchasing the right size for you, sizing can vary in different brands so don’t invest in any pieces without trying them on first.