A favourite of Hollywood A-listers and party girls alike, the Reviv Wellness Drip is the latest fix de rigueur for battling fatigue, hangovers and general ill-health. A cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes, all intravenously administered, it gives an instant energy boost to even the most stressed-out and physically fatigued of us. Now available in Ireland exclusively through Venus Medical in Dundrum, Dani Farrell, checked-in to check-out this superstar fixer-upper.

Developed by four US emergency room doctors the Reviv Wellness range includes eight different intravenous hydration and vitamin therapies that are designed to combat a number of lifestyle conditions. Treating dehydration, tiredness, lack of concentration and weakened immune systems; all whilst improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails, they are a quick fix for the time-strapped modern lady or gent and needless to say, I was super excited to try it out.

To start, I am always exhausted. Always. I like to think it is because I wasn't born to work, but it is most likely due to my stressful days, long nights and unhealthy lifestyle. "Work Hard; Play Hard" sums me up and happens to be not only something I live and die by but also the Reviv Wellness Spa's motto. For a hard knock gal like myself, hooking up to IV drip that will solve all that ails me sounds like the dream. The question is, with eight options available (five IV drips and three booster injections), which one is right for me? Sitting down for a one on one with Dr. Prendergast we ran through the fine print and discussed options, what my desired outcome was and any other health concerns.

1. REVIV Hydromax pure hydration infusion is aimed at replenishing fluids after physical exertion. Orally ingesting fluid often doesn’t restore hydration quickly enough, and so this infusion of pure saline is an ideal solution.

2. REVIV Ultraviv recovery infusion is designed to address a multitude of ills from nausea to jetlag. It will quickly restore hydration and relieve pain and nausea, delivering a dose of vitamin B12 whilst giving a boost of energy.

3. REVIV Megaboost vitamin infusion packed with vitamins, detoxifying agents and the anti-ageing glutathione, this infusion will help restore radiance to the body.

4. REVIV Vitaglow anti ageing infusion will restore a glow and radiance to the skin whilst maximising hydration. Packed with anti-ageing super ingredient glutathione which attacks the free radicals responsible for destroying skin elasticity, this infusion is a sure-fire way to restore the skin to optimum health.

5. REVIV Royal flush deluxe infusion is a purification system combining the recovery benefits of Ultraviv along with the cleansing properties of megaboost.

Booster shots take just seconds to administer – but their positive effects last for days. There are 3 different shots from which to choose:

6. REVIV B-12 pure energy booster: Vitamin B12 is arguably the vitamin that is most vital to a healthy body. It increases energy levels, stimulates red blood cell production and helps regulate mood, sleep and appetite.

7. REVIV Slimboost fit energy booster: Containing vitamin B12 and amino acids to boost metabolism, this booster will increase your chances of obtaining your fitness goals.

8. REVIV Glutathione body booster: Glutathione is the main antioxidant and detoxifier. It has anti-inflammatory effects, boost the immune system, improves athletic performance and is also able to slow down the ageing process, all whilst improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails.