In preparation for the most photographed day of your life, it’s not unusual for couples to pay a little closer attention to their appearance. From gruelling gym sessions to overhauling their beauty routine, it’s also common for brides and grooms to think about their smile and more specifically, their teeth. SOCIAL & PERSONAL WEDDINGS investigate your different options

Depending on your timeline and budget, there are a whole host of different options available for those who want to perfect their smile in time for their big day. It can range from something as simple as at-home whitening strips to opting for correctional braces or even veneers.

If you don’t have much time before your wedding and you’re starting to panic, don’t fear. Something as simple as a thorough cleaning can help to remove surface stains and takes a mere 30 minutes. If more drastic methods are required to achieve the pearly white smile you crave, read up on the below to see which is best suited to you and your budget.

Expert Advice

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of braces, then now is the time to do it. Taking an average of only six months, Dublin based MyDental offers an affordable yet highly effective treatment plan with QuickBraces. With prices starting from €1,600, you can choose between their metal or clear braces or if you have a longer lead-in time, you can look into the Invisalign braces which take approximately 12 months for the best results. Custom made Invisible Aligners gently move your teeth to their ideal position over a period of time. The aligners are replaced every few weeks once each step is achieved. The aligners can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. If you’re not sure which is the best option for you then I would advise popping in for a free consultation in either of their Bath Avenue or Cherrywood surgeries.
Once you have your braces removed, or if you are just looking to lift the colour of your teeth a few shades, you should consider MyDental’s Solus Pro Whitening System which entails a customised home whitening kit. The first step in this individually tailored solution is for MyDental to take impressions of your teeth, making your own thin customised plastic trays rather like a mouthguard. Then your dentist will show you how to dispense the teeth whitening solution correctly to the reach the surface of the tooth to be whitened, ensuring an even and full coating. This solution is a prescribed, highly concentrated solution formulated to receive the most effective and quick results. It works as the gel penetrates the outer teeth surface and oxidizes stain deposits. Treatment is used typically for one hour a day for two weeks at your convenience and can then be then used for touch up applications whenever required.

Home Treatments

If your teeth are in pretty good condition and you’re just looking to add a little extra sparkle to your smile from the comfort of your own home, the Spotlight Teeth White strips are a great option. Designed by Galway based sisters Dr Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, a box costs just €39.95 and requires only one hour a day for two weeks. Containing 14 sachets, each individual packet contains two strips, a smaller one for your bottom teeth and a larger one for your top teeth. Pop them on for an hour each evening (or morning!) before brushing away any residue and voila, a dazzling smile! The beauty of these strips is that the duo who designed them are dentists themselves so you don’t need to worry about any sensitivity or damaging your enamel. Containing small doses of hydrogen peroxide, you can now get the dentist surgery treatment without the surgery price tag. The sisters have also released a convenient Spotlight Teeth White Pen which dispenses a small amount of hydrogen carbonate calcium on to the teeth and actively dissolves stains. Perfect for your handbag, this compact pen retails at €14.99 and will keep your teeth sparkling while you’re on the go.
If you would prefer to explore the natural, organic route, you may have seen the increasing interest in charcoal based products. Although blackening your teeth in order to whiten them may sound peculiar, these products actually remove toxins and stains from your teeth whilst also helping fight off bacteria. Laila London have produced the Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder (€12.99, which contains no chemicals, restores tooth enamel, kills bacteria and is beneficial to oral hygiene along with whitening teeth. This powder doubles up as your toothpaste, simply dab your toothbrush in some powder, brush as normal and you’re on your way to some dazzling pearly whites!

Finishing Touches

If you have put the effort into perfecting your teeth, ensure your lips are soft and kissable also so they don’t let you down. Look at a good exfoliator which will gently buff away any dry skin whilst also moisturising your lips so they are pucker perfect. We recommend the MAC Scrubtious which is a reasonable €15.50 and available from MAC counters in Brown Thomas and Arnotts.
If you have had a treatment, be careful with foods and drinks in the days following this. Avoid drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine, if it could stain your dress then remember it could also stain your teeth. Try to snack on raw, crunchy vegetables such as celery, carrots or broccoli as they can help to remove any surface stains.
And finally, when the day itself comes around, try to opt for a bright, long-wearing lipstick with anti-smudge properties. Ask your make-up artist to select something which complements your complexion and contrasts the white colour of your teeth to make them look brighter. It’s also important to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and prevent any staining to your teeth.


- Alexandra