If you haven't started taking care of your skin, then now is the time to start! A new trend to hit the beauty scene is the obsession with Microbiome Skincare, and for good reason! It's been said time and time again by dermatologists that the best way to reduce the ageing of your skin is preventative rather than responsive; avoid the need for anti-ageing products 20 years from now, and take the time to invest in your skin barrier. You'll thank us when you look 30 in your 50's!

What Is A Skin Microbiome?

"Our skin is an organ and living on the surface of our skin is an entire ecosystem of microorganisms – which are collectively known as our skin’s microbiome," explains Jennifer Rock, dermal facialist and founder of skincare brand Skingredients, "The microbes inhabiting our skin, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, are key to maintaining skin health by reinforcing skin barrier function, which keeps harmful aggressors out and helps to reduce inflammation within the skin."

To put it really simply, the microbiome is the top layer of your skin barrier; it's your first defence against sun damage, pollutants being sucked into your pores and various other external affronts to your skin health. Putting the effort into caring for it can make a huge difference in how your face looks and feels on a regular basis!

What Is Microbiome Skincare?

To properly care for your facial microbiome, think of it kind of like taking care of your internal microbiome; if you're sick, the doctor will tell you to up your probiotics intake; this increases the volume of friendly bacteria that your body needs to thrive. Microbiome skincare works the same way; be mindful of harsh treatments or overusing things like acids and retinoids. Instead, stick to balancing ingredients targeted toward improving skin barrier function, such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Swapping your hardcore toner for dilute apple cider vinegar, focusing on hydration and cutting back on the vast amount of products you use in favour of a few good quality products is key. Gut health also equals a healthy microbiome, so it's about taking care of those insides as well as using topical products. For that reason, investing in supplements and pro/pre-biotics is advisable too.

What Products Should I Use?

Gallinée - Prebiotic Face Vinegar

Gallinée - Prebiotic Face Vinegar €20.95

Enriched with a prebiotic called Actibiome that works to calm stressed skin and prevent it from further irritation, inflammation and ageing alongside postbiotics that promote the skin’s beneficial bacteria to flourish, the Gallinée Face Vinegar (€20.95) utilises its antioxidant powers to protect skin from oxidative stress. The multipurpose, exfoliating formula improves skin through purification, protection and proliferation, with Acetic Acid to gently dislodge dirt and harmful bacteria and Alpha Hydroxy Acid to stimulate healthy renewal for smooth, refined skin.

The Nue Co. - Barrier Culture Cleanser

The Nue Co. - Barrier Culture Cleanser €36.50

The Barrier Culture Cleanser (€36.50) deeply cleanses skin without stripping, dehydrating or upsetting skin’s pH levels via gentle and biodegradable cleansing agents derived from apples. Ideal for dry, dull and breakout-prone complexions, the vegan, soap-free (and paraben, sulphate and fragrance-free) formula harnesses patented tech to rebuild your microbiome, which helps you to ward off the negative effects of pollution and effectively lock in moisture. It does this by repairing the skin barrier via prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics – all working in tandem to give you balanced, smooth, calm and happy skin. This next-gen cleanser will boost the skin’s natural immune system – helping it to defend itself against pollution, UV light, infection and dehydration.

Ren Clean Skincare - Perfect Canvas Clean Primer

Ren Clean Skincare - Perfect Canvas Clean Primer €49

Create the perfect base for makeup with Ren Perfect Canvas Clean Primer (€49), a weightless, silicone-free priming serum that helps achieve a soft, matte complexion that’s ready for cosmetic application. Formulated with glycerine, xanthan gum, agave extract, probiotics and sodium hyaluronate, the serum helps to soothe, smooth, plump and define the skin’s surface while restoring its natural moisture balance and working to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and wrinkles. Ren Perfect Canvas Clean Primer is suitable for all skin types and features a 100% natural fragrance. The serum helps to keep skin looking healthy and radiant, providing the ideal backdrop for makeup looks.

Drunk Elephant - Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray

Drunk Elephant - Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray €40

Keep skin smooth, strong and balanced with the help of Drunk Elephant Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray (€40). This unique cocktail supplies skin with nutrients, hydration and potent antioxidant protection to help promote a healthier complexion. Containing fermented sake extract, hops and kombucha, the spray works to restore and soothe while contributing to a balanced microbiome. Coconut water and sodium PCA provide hydration and antioxidant protection, while copper, zinc and calcium gluconate help to support the skin's natural collagen and reduce the look of redness.

Cultured Biome - One Serum

Cultured Biomecare - One Serum €62

Set to hydrate, balance and renew, the microbiome-loving Cultured Biomecare Biome One Serum (€62) encourages strong, resilient skin while smoothing, lifting, brightening and hydrating. Serving as a serum and a moisturiser, this formula calls on pre, pro and postbiotics to renew, revitalise, balance and protect your precious skin. Hyaluronic acid injects moisture; kombucha black tea ferment brightens, polysaccharides firm, and lactobacillus ferment fortifies the skin barrier. Boosting skin’s natural defences and working against premature ageing, this serum will have your skin feeling happy and healthy in no time at all — ideal for all but especially for skin that’s often easily irritated.

- Gráinne