Ever-increasing in popularity, more and more brides are taking control of their wedding day look and doing their own makeup. Inspired by the likes of mega-celeb Miranda Kerr and quintessential English rose Kate Middleton, ditching the makeup artist is a way of ensuring you are comfortable in your own skin and with your own look for your big day.

While a daunting prospect; who wants to battle with a liquid line an hour or so before you walk down the aisle, the lovely ladies at Benefit Cosmetics have given us a step by step look that even the least artistic of us can follow.



Benefit Cosmetics

  1. Prime Time! Apply POREfessional matte rescue lightly and evenly all over your complexion working from the centre of the face out.
  2. Apply Hello Flawless foundation, working from the center of the face out! This will ensure you get maximum coverage to the t-zone with no product build up at the hairline.
  3. Even up! Apply air patrol 360* around the eye area and blend, providing you with the perfect platform for your eyeshadow pigment.
  4. Wakey wakey! Apply boi-ing hydration in a V shape under the eyes and softly blend.
  5. Conceal it! Select your perfect shade of Boi-ing concealer using a small brush pinpoint blemish's, redness and any discolouration.




  1. Eye eye! Using, they're real duo shadow in Beyond nude, apply the lightest colour into the inner corners of the eyelids and softly blend out to the centre of the eyelids.
  2. Build that colour! Add deepest shadow to the outer edge of the eye blending colour into socket and building depth of colour at the lash line, for added depth place deepest tone under lash line.
  3. Wing it! Using They're Real Liner in black, draw a fine line running from the end of the lash line in a upwards angle towards the end of the brow, trace a line across the lashes to then meet with the angle liner.
  4. Get Fab-u-lash! Add drama with They're Real Black mascara! Position the wand horizontally & wiggle brush from side to side base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length & lift. Hold wand vertically & stroke upwards to curl & separate.



  1. Wow those brows! Sculpt and define your brows with Ka-brow! Outline the brows, then begin to fill the bulk of the brow in hair like stokes.
  2. Add volume! Apply gimme brow against the brow growth picking up any fine hairs that lay against the skin, then apply with the direction of your hair growth building depth of colour and volume.




  1. Place the hoola quickie contour stick under the cheekbones, along the forehead and along the jawline to sculpt. Finally apply Hoola contour stick either side of the nose for a sliming effect.
  2. Get rosey! Apply rockateur blush to the apples of the cheeks and stroke up towards the tops of the ears.
  3. Let it Glow! Apply watts up! to the highest points of your face, enhancing your bone structure.  Dot & blend over makeup on to cheek, brow bones & bridge of the nose.
  4. Set it! Set both the foundation and concealer with POREfessional Agent Zero shine powder to achieve maximum longevity from your makeup.

The Lips


  1. Pucker up! Glide They Real double the lip in Nude Scandals over lips and blot.

The Finished Makeup Look


And looking this perfect on your big day is as easy as that!

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