When it comes to beauty we are all about trying to save a few euro wherever you can and spending it exactly where you need, there are certain "beauty DIY don'ts" every bride should avoid. Here are just a few.

1/ Home Intimate Waxing

You are not a trained beautician. You did not study the anatomy of the skin. You do not know what you are doing. Put down the hot wax and step away from the table. Intimate waxing of the thorough kind should be left to a professional. Waxing in itself is a specialty and there is a science to it. Do it wrong and you can cause yourself some serious harm. And none of us want to check into A&E with injured "lady bits"; especially not in the run up to your big day.

2/ Eyelash Dying

Tinting your lashes is one of the easiest and most instantly rewarding beauty treatments you can do; not to mention, it is also one of the cheapest. Sure, we have all touched up the ends of our lashes for a quick fix, but a proper tint, a root touching tint, should be done by a trained professional. Tint burns and getting it in your eye can lead to swelling, inflammation of the eye itself, and eye infections all of which may land you in a hospital. Don't risk not being able to wear any makeup on your eyes for your big day and splash out on a salon job.

3/ At-home Peels

Ok, so an at-home peel is in no way as strong as a salon version but should still be approached with caution, if not completely avoided altogether. Watch out for the acid level used; acid heading into the 30%+ range should be approached with care. Glycolic acid at 30% enters into potential medium level peel, particularly if misused and if not done correctly can leave you with inflammation, discoloration or chemical burns. Most mainstream brands have been thoroughly tested and have well-proven safety records, but "rogue" peels without any major brand behind them may be suspect. If you REALLY feel that you need a chemical peel and that a regular exfoliation won't cut the mustard, then go see a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

4/ Brow Overhauls

Your brows frame your face and while a DIY touch-up is acceptable, a complete overhaul is a definite no-no. While you may think that both brows are created equally, the reality is different with each individual brow having a different natural shape as well as hair density.  For truly perfect brows, they should not only be considered together, but also as individual entities. When overhauling their shape it is best to leave it to an expert.

5/ Wedding Day Hair

The morning of your wedding should be as relaxing as possible so get in a hair stylist and let them take on the stress of your do. This is even more important if your wedding hairstyle happens to be anything other than something you are used to doing yourself. Your wedding look is too important to leave to chance, so unless you’re going with your “usual” hairstyle, let a stylist fret about it.


- Danielle Farrell