You might not think your feet will be seen, but you’ll be most likely showing off your shoes a lot, and if your shoes are open-toed, your feet will be making an appearance. Not to mention, they will probably be on show non-stop on your honeymoon! As for your hands, they will be on show all day, and they will be visible in many photographs, especially ones that include your ring or your bridal bouquet.

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Three months to go…

Luckily, your nails grow fast enough to go from ratty, jagged stubs, to gorgeously long, manicured nails in three months, but if your nails aren’t in the best condition, you need to start preparing for them now.

If you bite your nails, you need to stop now. There are treatments you can paint on them to help you stop. You should also be taking care of your hands, by keeping hand cream on you at all times and use it in the mornings and at night.

Moisturise your feet every time you wash them, and keep them bare when possible to let them breath. File any calluses or hard skin with a foot file and cut your toenails squarely.

You should get a professional manicure and pedicure once a month from now leading up to your wedding to keep them perfect.

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One month to go…

If you are getting false nails, now is the time to try them. It’s also important to take care of your own nails and hands even if you are opting for false nails, as the results are always better on nails that are in better condition.

Book your manicure and pedicure for your actual wedding now. You don’t want to be left disappointed at the last minute.

Do one night of sleeping with moisturising gloves and socks to give your feet that extra bit of TLC.

Use the day before your wedding to get your mani-pedi. Everything else should be done and you should be wedding ready. Take the day to relax with your perfect nails.