Have we reached peak self-care yet, do you have a PHD in skincare at this stage? Is your bathroom cabinet under pressure? That’s the question doing the rounds right now, but whilst we may have paid attention to the skin on our faces and bodies, what about the skin on our lady parts? When was the last time you “tended to your garden”? With lockdowns in full swing, we’ve had to make do with home waxing, shaving and perhaps just ignoring our own vaginas, but what about giving it some TLC? Leading up to a wedding, some brides might want to impress their lover with a fresh, soft vagina and perhaps fix those irks such as ingrown hairs or dry skin surrounding the area. Shouldn’t your wedding vagina be your best vagina?

Fig Femme wants to redefine the way you think about your personal parts and treat them as you would your face or any other part of the skin on your body. A sheet mask for your vagina might be previously unheard of, but Fig Femme’s RESTORE vulva masks are challenging you to try this little piece of intimate self-care out and “nourish your vagina”. This sheet mask is scent-free and is applied like a facial sheet mask. It is packed with non-living probiotics to reduce irritation and itching, gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acids from fruit enzymes facilitate hydration, stimulate cell turnover and improve texture. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial powerhouses calm and soothe reddened skin and reduce instances of ingrown hairs or breakouts. So as well as your wedding night, the skin will be bikini ready for your honeymoon too!

As well as the highly coveted RESTORE masks, FIG Femme have also formulated two incredible everyday essential products; the REFRESH self-foaming wash and the REVIVE hydrating mist. REFRESH is loaded with botanical extracts and rich omegas to moisturise, nourish and cleanse your delicate area. It is formulated without skin-irritating fragrances and works to fight odour causing bacteria rather than mask them. PH Balanced REVIVE hydrating mist is rich in soothing botanicals and fruity antioxidants to nourish and soothe those vulvas on the go, a perfect handbag staple or a wedding night bedside must-have.

FIG Femme indulgent RESTORE Vulva Masks are available to purchase from fig-femme.com for an RRP of €17.00. Their carefully curated range also consists of a 5 pack of the RESTORE masks retailing at €65.00, REFRESH is priced at €8.50 whilst REVIVE is €10.50