Practical but ornate, efficient and elegant, there's a reason why so many brides opt for updos on their wedding day! Whether your hair is bone straight or tightly coiled the world of bridal hair is your oyster and when it comes to updos the options really are endless! We've collated just a few styles that we're head over heels obsessed with that are guaranteed to play nice with any texture or type of hair.

A Sleek Bun

It's hard to go wrong with a neat bun on your wedding day, just take inspiration from Sofia Richie's elegant bridal do! Not only is this an incredibly low-maintenance style for both your ceremony and reception, with the right amount of hairspray and gel your flyaways won't even dream of popping up, but it's utterly timeless. Sometimes you'll look at wedding photos from the 2010s and be able to guess with certainty the year the photo was taken! When it comes to accessorising your updo I would highly suggest keeping things simple and delicate, not only do you run the risk of overpowering an otherwise understated style, but any extra weight increases the chance of ruining the neat finish.

tonyastylist via Instagram

tonyastylist via Instagram

The Updo Darling

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Amelie George

Something Blue

A Soft Pony

When some people hear ponytail they think of utility, pulling your hair off your face, maybe even going to the gym; but with a bundle of extensions, a few curls and the perfect face framing piece you can elevate the pony into something utterly chic and romantic.

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The Updo Darling

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The Zamudios

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A Messy Bun

The perfect mix of playful and romantic, a soft, tousled bun has been a staple of bridal hair for years and for absolute good reason! Whether your aim is a sexy Pam Anderson bed head look or something a little more midsummer night's dream, the devil is in the styling; Adding delicate clips, an ornate comb or my personal favourite vines looks and feels romantic and fairylike, for something sexier and more modern I would recommend keeping the accoutrements to a minimum and focusing more on the perfect trailing tendrils. The best thing about a messy bun is it's so easily transitioned from day to night, you don't have to worry about flyaways or loose strands!

Erin Rhyne

Untamed Petals

The Updo Darling

The Updo Darling

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Mashaida Co

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Just like bun, braids are incredibly versatile and with the right styling can play into any wedding theme, not to mention for coiler hair types the options for delicate and ornate designs are endless! For a more boho style try adding flowers and loosening the braids, for something more modern take a twist on the classic french or fishtail braid and elevate an otherwise very casual look into something more dynamic, for a touch of old Hollywood glam use pearls and diamonds.

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Jenna Knott

Christi Paulson

Nikki Mills

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Charlotte Mensah

A Twist

Be it a french twist, a chignon or something a bit more freestyle, a twist is the perfect way to pull the hair off your face without sacrificing the design at the back. A go to bridal style in the 1980s, i'm personally very excited to see the french twist come back into style, from tousled tresses and a DIY ‘do, to a neatly coifed upstyle with a precise roll, you can tailor this bridal staple to the rest of your wedding day style! Playing with pins, bands and clips, you can really make this otherwise simple style into your own.

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- Gráinne