Stress is inevitable for any bride when planning your wedding day, and unless your groom is an aspiring wedding planner, odds are, you’ll be left mostly alone to make just about all of the decisions. So to ease the nerves, here are some wedding planning mistakes you’re probably making.

Planning mistakes - guest list

Finalising the guest list

The first rule of thumb, make the guest list your upmost priority. The excitement of the imminent day would send any bride into a booking panic; researching venues, churches etc. almost immediately, but an RSVP from your invited guests should come first. One of the main mistakes for brides is booking a small, intimate venue, which seats 40 when 100 guests have been invited. It’s also important to take time out to envisage the atmosphere you wish to convey on the day. If cute, cosy, family-orientated is what you’re looking for, you may not want to invite the rowdy girls from the office.

Panicking because your friend has the same dress

Instead of stewing at your friend’s wedding because her gown seems to be an exact replica of your own, which you’re due to wear in a few weeks, plaster on a smile and begin thinking of ways you can make yours different. No one wants to be upstaged, especially not at your own wedding, so if someone’s wedding dress is far too similar for your own liking, simply accessorise to make yours different. If you’re really that worried about copycats, keep quiet about the dress details.

Ordering your dress two sizes too small

Quite simply one of the biggest mistakes the majority of brides make. It’s completely understandable you wish to look your very best on your wedding day but losing a lot of weight in a short space of time is not only bad for your health, but alterations can be extremely costly. Not to mention, the difficulty of dropping just enough weight to fit perfectly into the size you got. Dropping a few pounds slowly and steadily will do no harm and give you that extra added confidence on your big day, and there are plenty of healthy ways to tone up and lose weight in the lead up to your wedding day but make sure you mind yourself too.

Doing it all yourself

Although DIY wedding details add a certain quirkiness to your big day and set it apart from others, it can be quite an overwhelming task to undertake and can often end in less than desirable results. DIY details are incredibly cute, but they can go so wrong and become one of the biggest mistakes you can make. A way around this is to choose 2-3 things that are significant to you and try your hand at some DIY crafts, which are sure to catch the guest’s eye. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

- Michelle Storey

Image credits: Milk and cookies: Pinterest | Lemonade: Weddbook | Bridesmaids: Donna Morgan via Style Me Pretty | Favours: Rock My Wedding | Mr & Mrs: Pinterest