When deciding on favours, an increasingly popular trend is giving your guests something they can keep or use long after your wedding day is over. There’s no point wasting your money on something they’ll either throw out as soon as they get home or never use. Something practical and pretty that allows your guests to look back and remember your special day is the perfect sentiment. It’s really important to tie in your favours with the overall theme and ambiance on your big day, this way your guests will be reminded of what your day was like years after. We’ve come up with five useful wedding favours that will leave your guests grateful and glad they made the effort for your big day.


Plant favour

Plants make perfect favours for outdoor spring and summer weddings.  They’re ideal for the bride who craves a rustic garden wedding, incorporating the overall theme beautifully. Whether you choose a succulent potted plant that your guests can grow indoors, or simple seeds that grow into fabulous flowers, your guests will walk away delighted. This cute and quirky favour has a meaningful message behind it of letting love grow, reminding your guests of what your wedding was about.


blanket favours

If you’re having an outdoor wedding that’s likely to get cold as the sun goes down, blankets are a beautiful party favour for your guests to enjoy both at and after your special day. You can tie the blankets into your colour scheme. So if you’re thinking of having a garden like ambiance, using picnic blankets is the perfect addition to your theme.

Luggage tags

luggage tag favours

If you’re having a destination wedding, luggage tags can prove perfect party favours. Not only are they perfectly practical but they tie into your overall theme beautifully. Now, every time your guests travel, they’ll think of your big day and remember all the meaningful memories you made together.


Candle favours

For the bride who’s having a romantic fairy tale wedding, candles are the perfect choice for party favours. Putting you and your husband’s name, along with the date you were married, is a dreamy and sentimental way for your guests to remember your big day.

Flip flops

Flip flop favours

For the bride who’s planning a party where her guests will dance the night away, flip flops are a fabulous choice as a wedding favour. Your guests will be more than happy to replace their sore stilettos with comfortable flip flops, giving them an incentive to get out of their seats and dance. Not only will they come in handy on the night but your guests will use them after your wedding as well.

- Jenny Mooney

Image credits: Seeds: Jason & Anna Photography | Blankets: Sarah Kathleen Photography | Luggage tags: Kate Aspen | Candles: Etsy