Trash the Dress, also known as ‘Rock the Frock’ and ‘Fearless Bridal’, is a relatively new trend that’s cropping up, particularly for brides who want as many special photographs as possible.

Nadine Photography, trash the dress

Trash the Dress is a style of photography done after the big day where brides get the opportunity to have a bit more fun and stray away from the traditional wedding day pictures. They usually take the form of a high-end fashion shoot in unusual locations from fields and beaches to forests and abandoned buildings.

Under the bridge

The notion of trashing a wedding dress tends to strike fear deep in the hearts of many brides preparing for their big day, but Trash the Dress shoots often don’t involve wrecking the dress or doing anything permanent. Many shoots only involve lying down in the grass or getting the dress wet – nothing a good dry cleaner won’t be able to put right.

Trash the dress beach

Underwater kiss trash the dress

There are also many brides who would never have dreamt of destroying their dress or marking it in any way until the big day approaches. Suddenly the anticlimactic feeling that will inevitably come is looming and a Trash the Dress shoot starts to look more appealing.

Paint trash the dress

Trash the Dress symbolises commitment to their new husband by destroying a dress that will never be worn again and for this reason some brave brides opt to allow the total destruction of their dress in the process. But permanent damage or not, it gives the couple an extra day of fun with photographs that show off freedom, creativity and the bride and groom’s personalities. As well as that extra day that will forever commemorate your wedding, the results are nothing short of stunning.

Trash the dress with fire

Paint and water trash the dress

There are opportunities to find out what kind of damage you can do to your dress that will be reversible at the dry cleaners if you want the stunning shots and the stunning dress to keep. You’ll probably already be aware of what kind of cleaning your dress requires and from that you’ll know how down and dirty you can get. Some photographers even have special washable paint that can be used for more colourful shoots. For Trash the Dress photographers in Ireland, check out Rachel Fox, Gibbons Photography and Ruth Foran.

Trash the dress beach shot

It's important to take appropriate safety precautions when it comes to a Trash the Dress shoot. If you're shooting in a body of water, watch for strong currents or tides. It's important that you factor in the weight of your dress, which can be pulled in easily with water.

- Jenny Darmody

Image Credits: Paint spattered bride: Nadine Photography | Under the bridge: Pinterest | Beach: Team Reborn Production | Underwater kiss: Wedding Bee | Paint: Josh Deaton | Fire: Erika Tanith Photography | Paint and water: Yaniv Sofer | Beach couple: Del Sol Photography