Have a decent idea of the colour scheme you want for your wedding and make sure these translate well in your stationery. Explore different shapes and sizes for your invites too, bearing in mind the bigger or bulkier invites will be more costly to post out.


Make it clear and easy for guests to know how to RSVP to you, whether it’s a phone number, and email or including the printed RSVP for them to send back. Also, make sure the date you need their RSVP for is clear on the invitation. The sooner you hear back from them the better.



Double, triple and quadruple check all spelling and important information such as dates, times, working link if websites are included and correct directions. It’s so easy to miss mistakes, especially on invitations you’ve been pouring over for weeks. Get a fresh pair of eyes on it too. You don’t want to run up an unnecessary reprinting bill.

Minimise cost

When you have your guest list, take into consideration, those that live together. How many invites might one household be getting. If you’re inviting families and couples, you can cut it down to one invite with everyone’s name on it.

Include all stationery

Don’t just order your invites, include thank you cards, menu cards, programmes and anything else you need and want to coordinate. Aside from keeping everything coordinating the way you want, putting it all in one order could end up keeping the cost down.

Brosnan Photographic Julieanne & John

Extra, Extra!

Make sure you order an extra 25 or so invites than you will actually need. It’s more expensive to get more invitations printed after the initial order so trust us, better to have some spare ones ready, especially if you have a list of guests you’re willing to invite if you have the room. In this case, it will be worthwhile to properly think this true and consider a later RSVP date for those invites. It’s also worth getting extra envelopes (even more than the extra invites) in case you make mistakes on the addresses.


Check the cost of the postage before you start getting stamps. Weigh an invitation with all the extras inside it and once you’re happy that you have the postage cost right, start stamping them. The last thing you need is your invitations returned with insufficient postage. Check out more tips to ensure perfect postage.