While every couple and every photographer is different, not to mention every wedding is unique in its own way, we can’t help but notice some photos that are always in the group for the simple reason that they are good shots. What album would be complete without the bride getting ready, or the groom’s first glance? So we’ve compiled the ultimate checklist for photos to get on your big day. Pick and choose as you see fit. Note: Your photographer might be magic but they can’t be in two places at once so consider this when thinking about what photographs you want – you might need two photographers.

Thomas Stewart Photography

Pre-ceremony prep photography

Shot of the wedding invitation

The dress hanging up.

The bride getting her make up done

The bridesmaids or mother of the bride helping her get ready.

Bride leaving the house/getting into the car

The groom getting ready with best men

Groom straightening his tie

Close up of the bride holding her bouquet

Shots of the rings

Family shots (bride/groom with parents, family and groomsmen or bridesmaids)

Katie Day Photography

Ceremony photography

Guests arriving

Shot of the programme

Shots of groom and groomsmen outside

Groom and groomsmen standing in place

Bride arriving in the car/getting out of the car

Bride with bridesmaids outside

Bride walking in with father/mother

Groom facing forward as his bride approaches

Groom’s first look

Father/mother giving bride away

Exchanging vows

Exchanging rings

Lighting the candle

First kiss as husband and wife

Signing the register

Walking down the aisle

Greeting guests outside

Shots of the whole wedding party

Shots of the newlyweds

Shots of the newlyweds with parents

Mr and Mrs chairs

Ombre peach cake

Reception photography

Various décor details

Wedding cake

Bride and groom arriving

Various shots of bridal party and family (presumably the place for “official” wedding photos has been chosen already and you’ll know what combinations of the wedding party and your family you will want)


Cutting the cake

First dance

Bride dance with father


Guests dancing

Bouquet toss (if applicable)

Image Credits: Bride getting ready: popularphotographybiz.com | Groom getting ready: Rebekah Hoyt Photography |Dress hanging up: Thomas Stewart Photography | Bridal bouquet: Brittany Mahood Photography | Bride with father: Sarah Pearce Photography

Bride walking up the aisle: Helen Maybanks Photography | Exchanging rings: Katie Day Photography | First kiss: LT Photography | Walking down the aisle: dexknows.com

Chairs: Belle the Magazine | Groom speech: nottingham-wedding-photographer.com | First dance: JLM Weddings | Cake: Cake Chooser