If you’re lucky enough to say ‘I do’ at a destination wedding, surrounded by sun, sea, sand and some serious fun, then you're going to have a fabulous wedding. Just imagine tying the knot somewhere with guaranteed good weather. But, if you are heading abroad for your wedding, there are some extra considerations you should take for your guests. Here's how to invite your guests to your destination wedding.

Irish Weddings in Italy

Save the date

If travelling abroad for your wedding, you need to let your guests know at least six months to a year in advance to allow time to book off work, compare prices of flights etc. This is where save the dates really come in handy. You might decide not to bother with them if you're having a wedding at home, but they're important when it comes to a destination wedding. It might be a nice idea to send save the date invites with handy information attached such as website links to comparable flight prices, accommodation options and some details as to the location you’re travelling to give guests a feel for the destination they’ll be travelling to. A more formal wedding invite should follow this, about 2-3 months prior to the ceremony, highlighting the finer details such as times and ceremony location.

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Guest selection

A wedding abroad is sure to be a smaller, far more intimate affair so be stringent in choosing only the closest friends and family you wish to be a part of your wedding party. Bear in mind when inviting guests if there’s a ‘no child’ policy, it may hinder their attendance. Finding decent childcare options while away would be a near impossible task, unless you already have something in place. There's a balancing act when it comes to the guest list for a destination wedding, as you may have the scope to invite more people, with less expensive wedding options abroad. You will also find that the RSVPs will go down, as not everyone can afford to attend a destination wedding, meaning you have the benefit of not leaving anyone out, while still saving on the cost of having 200 guests.

Bringing a bit of home abroad

The idea of traveling to another country can be daunting for some guests, so to ease them into their unfamiliar surroundings, why not host a welcome dinner so as the two families can join together and get to know one another properly before the actual ceremony. This way, guests will be far more comfortable in one another’s company. For the guests who are travelling across the water to attend your wedding, make sure you give them a little extra care. Don't neglect them while you're over there, make sure they're looked after in terms of accommodation and recommendations. For a more personal touch, it’s a nice idea to have a welcome basket/gift for guests on arrival to thank them for making the trek especially for your big day.

Irish Weddings in Italy

To gift or not to gift

Guests may be too polite to bring up the subject of wedding gifts, but the reality is, attending a wedding abroad is an expensive ask, so it’s important for the bride and groom to state very clearly on the invite that gifts are not necessary. Putting something as simple as “your presence is enough” will reassure friends and family who may be a little strapped for cash. Having your wedding abroad means, their presence really should be accepted as their gift. For more great destination wedding ideas, click here.

- Michelle Storey

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