More and more wedding traditions are getting tossed aside in favour of what the bride and groom really want, and the bridal party is no different. It’s becoming more common for brides to have a “brides-man” or even for grooms to have a “grooms-lady” standing up alongside them for their special day.



If you’re best friend is a man, why should be excluded from being an important part of your special day just because of his gender? We’re all for equality, and if you deem him important enough to be up there, then he should be.

The male perspective can often be good amongst a gang of girls. A man and woman are not the same, and different opinions are always good when planning any kind of event, let alone a wedding. For things your groom can’t be there for, your best man friend is the next best thing. Just don’t get him to pick out your wedding night underwear, like Michelle Monaghan did to Patrick Dempsey in “Made of Honor”.

Grooms lady

We’re not saying women can’t diffuse their own tension, or that there’ll even be any tension to diffuse, but a man of honour, or brides-man will have a calming effect on a bridal party that’s getting a bit too caught up in certain things. Men tend to be more pragmatic and look for logical solutions, and usually in the case of bridal parties, the ladies involved can be a little too close to the drama to see the wood from the trees.

Some brides might decide not to invite him to the bridal shower or hen night (he might even politely decline himself). But if you do opt to bring your brides-man out with you, it’s great to have him there as ‘fake boyfriend’ and protector for the night too all the women at the party. He will be your platonic knight in shining armour for the night while you enjoy yourself.


Your brides-man can escort a family member down the aisle if the other bridesmaids are being escorted by groomsmen. Alternatively you can opt for the bridal party to walk back down the aisle one at a time. Unless of course your groom has his own grooms-lady that needs escorting. There is no hard and fast rule about the bridal party walking up or down the aisle, so decide what works for you and ask your brides-man what he’d be comfortable with.

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