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With weddings becoming more unique and the tradition of the bride’s parents footing the bill practically gone, the formality and wording of wedding stationery is changing massively. The wedding is becoming more about the bride and groom with less involvement from the parents. So many couples opt to leave their parents out of the wording altogether and invite their guests themselves.

Whether you’re going for as much detail as possible or just the bare essentials, there are a few details that must go into your invitations:

Who is extending the invitation

The event itself (is it an invite to the whole wedding or just the reception?)

The location

The date and times

RSVP information

Pretty as a Picture

 Once you choose your ideal "cordially invite you to attend" or simply "would love you to join them" phrase and who it's from, you can move on to the other details of the invite. For example, it's good to give details of the accommodation or some nearby options to accommodate as many guests as possible; there will only be so many rooms in the wedding venue.

It's also a good idea to include directions to the ceremony and venue, food and dietary requirements, parking facilities and contact details for additional questions.

If you're looking to politely exclude children, something like, "we are sorry we are unable to accommodate children at our celebration" or simply "we respectfully request that the service/event is an adult-only occasion" will suffice.

To completely break away from the traditional invitations, many couples are opting for the love story invitations, which include the story of the couple's relationship, followed by all the necessary details.

Love Story Invitation

Once you remember to put in all the basics, it's important that the wording of your stationery reflects your own style as much as the stationery itself. Don't be afraid to stray from tradition.

- Jenny Darmody

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