One of the first and most important decisions you will make in relation to your décor for your wedding day is your colour scheme. There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to your colours, with your venue choice topping the list. Most hotels and venues have a set colour scheme, and while some venues allow you to change or decorate a certain amount yourself, there will be colours in your reception that must be taken into account before choosing your own.

Turquoise/yellow bridesmaids

Once you know what colours will compliment the room, you can think about your own style, theme or mood for your wedding. A turquoise palette mixed with lemon-yellows or pinks combined with green and white evokes a spring or summer feel to your wedding, while deep cranberry, navy blue and snow white all go well with a winter wedding.

To narrow down your choices, look through paint catalogues for ideas of shades and colours that compliment each other well. You will often find inspiration here for colours that you wouldn't have expected to look well together that create the tone you were going for. Without going overboard, you can execute your colour scheme into the details as well the more obvious bridesmaids' dresses and flowers. There's the invitations and cake to think about as well.

Pastel wedding

Choosing a colour scheme is unique and personal to each wedding and because of that, you can't go far wrong. Just match swatches together and take the venue into consideration. If you want soft and romantic, go for pale shades, but bold colours will give your wedding a bright, modern look.

- Jenny Darmody

Image Credits: Turquoise/yellow bridesmaids: Jesi Haack Design | Turquoise/yellow cake: The Frosted Petticoat | Turquoise/yellow lemonade: Elegant Wedding Invites | Turquoise/yellow flower: Art Fire

Maroon bridesmaids: Hoffman Photographer, Inc via Aphrodite's Wedding Blog | Maroon invite: Need Invite | Maroon flowers: Deborah Zoe via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Pastel wedding: Arabia Weddings