We all know the bride and her accessories deserve plenty attention, but that doesn't mean the groom should be left out. The groom has to look well on his special day too, and that means suit, shirt and tie, but it also means accessories for the groom. You might be wondering what accessories he could possibly need, but one of our absolute favourites for the groom is his boutonniere. This is where he can really show off his individuality, even if he wants to keep his suit relatively conservative. It doesn't have to simply be a flower that matches the rest of the wedding.  It can be something much more unique to him, like a mini guitar.


However, there's nothing to say you can't stick with something a little more conventional without taking away your groom's opportunity for a little individuality. Boutonnieres can be works of art and creativity in their own right, rather than just a mirror of what you have in your own bouquet. Think of them as miniature bouquets, delicately and individually handcrafted to your groom's taste, with any variation for for his groomsmen too. This week we've dedicated our Instagram hunt to the groom and his most individual accessory. It was as difficult as usual to pick just five, but we just about managed to narrow it down. #InstaInspo





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