If you think the ‘I dos’, big fancy party and crawling into bed at stupid o’ clock after your wedding reception is the end of your wedding duties, then think again! We have some important post-wedding mistakes to avoid.

Thank you card

Mistake 1: Not saying thank you

A lot of people claim the time limit for writing the all-important thank yous is up to one year, when in actual fact, it’s a far shorter three-month rule. As soon as you return from your honeymoon, devise a plan in which you and your partner equally split the writing of the thank-yous, while guest attendance is still fresh in your mind. Set yourself a target of composing a certain amount per day, with each partner writing for his or her own family and friends. You'll be done in no time, and your guests will feel appreciated the sooner they get their card.

Bride and groom post-wedding mistakes

Mistake 2: Forgetting to create your wedding album

It’s all too easy to put this seemingly menial task on the long finger, or to do the complete opposite and spend hours pouring over each photograph, yet not quite deciding on a single one to include in your album. Look at the proofs with your husband in tow, having a pen and paper to hand marking down each picture that sparks an instant reaction or emotion from you both. Discuss a deadline with your photographer before the wedding so you have something to work towards. Your professional photos will take some time, so the sooner you can make your decisions, the better.

Dress hanging up

Mistake 3: Neglecting the gown

Whether it’s being indecisive as to what to do with the gown, or simply putting it to the back of your mind as you’re just too preoccupied with newly married life, most brides leave it too late to get the dress professionally cleaned. Ideally, the day after the wedding is best to drop it to the dry cleaners to ensure any nasty stains are removed completely. If you are unable to do this as you’re heading to your honeymoon right away, then be sure to give this task to your trusted chief bridesmaid.


Mistake 4: Alienating friends and family

It’s all too easy to become totally consumed with your other half post-wedding, especially if it’s the very first time you’ve lived together. But past the thick love bubble you’ve surrounded yourself in, just remember that you had contact with the outside world before your hubby came onto the scene. It's important to give yourself and your new husband time together, especially now that wedding planning is finished. But you should set some time aside to see family and friends too and if spending even five minutes away from your husband is too much to bear, then include him in the activities too.

Post-wedding mistakes - Heather Nan Photography

Mistake 5: Taking the 'next step' too soon

With all the stress and upheaval of planning for your big day, it’s no wonder most newlyweds feel pressured into taking the next big step in life! Whether it be buying a house or having a baby, both are massive life-changing decisions that require a lot of thought. It's important to enjoy your time as newlyweds and be selfish with the time you have with one another before life and all its big, scary decisions get in the way. Take your time before you decide what to do next.

- Michelle Storey

Image credits: Thank you card: Pinterest  | Bride and groom: Pinterest | Dress: The Lovely Find | Bridesmaids: Bridal Guide | Petal throw: Heather Nan Photography