While getting that wedding invite is exciting, your immediate thought after is the dreaded what am I going to wear? Dressing for weddings can be difficult as you have to take so much into account, the venue, the weather and of course the overall theme of the day.  First things first, when planning what you’re going to wear, you have to reason the time of year, the time of the actual wedding and whether or not you’ll be inside or outside. Typically in Ireland, weddings are held inside because of the unpredictable weather, but during summer months marques are becoming more and more popular so, it’s necessary to wrap up. Secondly, think about the venue. Some settings boast a more formal affair, so it’s important to take this into account when planning your day.  Seeing as we’re arriving into the summer months, we have picked your top picks and styles for summer 2016.

Classy coat

Even in the summer when the weather gets that bit warmer, you still need to wear some sort of coat or jacket over your ensemble. A simple, sleek coat doesn’t only act as a practical piece, but it can actually make your outfit. If you’re more likely to wear a bold and vibrant coloured dress then opting for a simpler coloured coat would be the best option for you and if you usually dress in neutral tones, then why not opt for a bright coat to make your outfit pop? If you want to buy a staple coat that you can wear again and again, then it’s best to go for neutral tones, it will go with way more outfits are stunning in summer.


If you’re sick of wearing the same dazzling dresses to weddings and are looking for something stunning and unique, jumpsuits can be the perfect choice. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and wear something different from your normal attire, not only will you stand out from the crowd but you’ll also look fabulous doing it.

Ballerina beauty

For summer, we are obsessed with these romantic ballerina style dresses to create your whimsical wedding attire. Whether you opt for the full ballerina vibe, with a tulle skirt or keep it subtle and understated, this dress type is a stunning choice.  The A-line ensemble, creates a stunning waist with a beautiful bodice while maintaining a magical movement in the skirt.  This type of dress is perfect for garden weddings with a classic, rustic feel.  If you love this romantic and whimsical dress, then Needle & Thread is perfect for you.

Two-piece outfits

Weddings can be expensive, so buying a stunning skirt and separate top is a great idea if you have a string of weddings ahead. Instead of sticking to one outfit choice, you’ve now given yourself several options. Mix matching skirts, tops and even trousers will allow you to get more wear out of one piece, then if you’re buying a single dress.


You’ve heard it again and again, always wear comfortable shoes. Sometimes, however, the comfortable and practical option isn’t always the cute and pretty choice. So our advice is, if you’re going to wear stunning shoes that make your feet hurt, bring pumps with you, you’ll need them later on. Buying a staple nude shoe is always a great choice because they literally go with everything and can be worn again and again. If you’re planning on wearing a more neutral dress, a bold shoe is a fabulous option. We love this idea for spring and summer weddings.

- Jenny Mooney