Colourful engagement rings are fast becoming the norm. The pop of glittering colour makes your engagement ring stand out even more. From a shocking sapphire to an enchanting emerald or a warm yellow diamond. Get an engagement ring with a difference to really show off your personality.

Coloured Engagement rings

Which colourful ring should I choose?

When choosing a colourful engagement ring, bear in mind the difference it makes to the ring itself. A coloured gemstone might not be as durable as a diamond. Sapphires and rubies are quite durable, compared to opals or emeralds, which are softer and can be scratched or broken easily.

Take care when choosing the metal of your ring if you are dreaming of a coloured stone. The colour of the metal can clash with the stone, just like your clothes can clash with your coat. Warmer stones, such as emerald or yellow tones look great with yellow gold, whereas cooler tones such as blue sapphire look good against white gold or platinum.

For the durability of a diamond, check what colours you can get in a diamond. They’re not all white. You can get beautiful diamonds in yellows, champagnes, and chocolates for a start.

Do you want a bit of extra meaning and background to your ring? Aside from being birthstones for months of the year, gemstones carry their own meanings from way back. If you are adamant about wanting a colourful stone but not sure which to go for, check what each of them mean and see if their importance helps you in your decision. For example, the emerald is said to symbolise love, rebirth and fertility. The ruby is still considered one of the most valued gemstone and is said to bestow good fortune on its owner. A sapphire ring is a symbol of honesty, loyalty and trust.

Remember, when choosing your own engagement ring, particularly a non-traditional coloured stone, it’s important to sleep on it. You might have a very different idea about it the next day and it’s a very important decision. The ring that’s right for you will stand out in your mind and after some time to think about it you will make the right decision.

Image credits: Rose ring: Tiffany | Green ring: Boodles | Yellow ring: Tiffany | Red ring: Voltaire Diamonds | Pink ring: AGK Diamonds | Blue ring: Appleby | Red ring: Voltaire Diamonds