When you’re getting married, it tends to feel like it’s all about the dress. Don't let your accessories be neglected. And it’s not just the jewellery you have to think of, there’s everything from the veil or headpiece to gloves and shoes.


Wedding day gloves give a very vintage feel to a brides ensemble. Pretty and chic there is nothing more sophisticated than a dainty pair of lace gloves in white, off-white or egg shell. If this simple and sweet style statement is for you then do remember to match your glove style to your dress and from short to long there is a glove style for everyone.


Bridal Gloves


There’s still very much two contrasting trends at play here: the thin, delicate chains and small earrings or the big statement pieces, which are becoming more and more popular. When you’re going for a statement piece, you should minimalise the rest of your jewellery and hair accessories. After all, accessories are important but you don’t want them to outshine your dress.


While there are plenty of different veils to choose from, there are even more options for those who want to stray from tradition. For full headpieces, think gorgeous floral garlands and sparkling headbands. For a more subtle approach, think understated feathered fascinators or jewelled hair clips. There are plenty of options to make your gorgeous tresses stand out.


The importance of fabulous shoes depends on you. Are you wearing a short or long dress? Do you have a train, will you be able to see the shoes at all? If you can’t see your shoes at all, you might opt for something understated. But if you still want to make a statement with your shoes you could opt for a pop of colour. They could even be your something blue.

Pink shoes

- Jenny Darmody             

Image Credits: Gloves: Flyawaybride| V-neck necklace: Weddings Romantique | Big necklace: Weddings Romantique | Rustic: Pinterest | Pink Shoes: namywedding.com