If you’re looking for ways to lose some weight before the big day, there are so many methods to choose from it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Don’t worry, S&P Weddings is here to help.

Cutting something out of your diet has always been known as one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Whether it’s switching to a gluten-free diet, a sugar-free diet, a diet without carbs, or a diet without dairy, they will all help you lose weight. But the trick is to keep the weight off and not sacrifice any nutrients in the process.

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So what’s it all about?


One of the biggest pitfalls for those going gluten-free is shopping in the ‘free-from’ aisle in supermarkets. The gluten-free packaged products you find, especially the likes of bread, were designed for coeliacs, who have a gluten intolerance, not for those looking to lose weight. Therefore, they’re often full of sugar and fat, which will have the opposite effect.

Watch out for:

What really helps you lose weight on a ‘gluten-free’ diet is cutting out foods that contain gluten, instead of merely replacing them with substitutes. A successful gluten-free diet is more accurately a carb-free diet, also known as the Adkins Diet. Make sure you don’t lose out on fibre, which you can get from nuts, seeds and the skin on certain fruits, such as apples.


A sugar-free diet will also cut out many of your carbohydrates, particularly your processed foods and sliced pans but the benefits are much clearer. The downside is that this one is harder to stick to, as sugar is in everything, from cereal to pasta sauce. You will also most likely suffer withdrawal symptoms from sugar for the first week or two because it is such a heavy feature in our diets. The good news is, you will get instant gratification, with a drop of weight in the first two weeks ranging anywhere from 5-10lbs.

Watch out for:

On this diet you seriously need to up the fruit and vegetables. The key is cutting out refined sugar, which means the natural fructose that’s in fruit or the lactose that’s in milk is fine (although certain types of milk may have added sugar).


Cutting dairy out of your diet will significantly increase your chances of losing weight and kick-start a low-fat diet because many dairy products are very high in fat, while there are much better ways to get the nutrients we need. Many people are also slightly intolerant of dairy products, because they can be detrimental to our digestive system. Casein is the main protein in most dairy products and this can irritate you gut. So can the imbalance of acids and alkaline products, as dairy products are acid forming.

Watch out for:

Your calcium intake. Dairy products are not the only places you can get calcium from but you need to make sure it’s still in your diet. Tinned salmon, almonds and eggs all contain calcium. Look out for products like breakfast cereals and juices that are also fortified with calcium.