I have fine and flyaway hair, and as such, my blowdry never lasts more than a day. My 2nd-day hair is a terrifying reimaging of what a scarecrow might look like if that scarecrow had the driest, frizziest and most unruly hair possible, so dry it’d start a fire on a warm day. This is never truer than when I load my hair up with products designed to 'keep my style in place'. Hairspray and mousse seem to worsen my day two look, with my locks feeling tacky and stuck together, and even more flammable than previously described. Things only get worse if it has rained or drizzled - I can't even begin to describe that mess. As a friend once said, 'like a 12-week old bunch of flowers left in a room with the radiator on', one end is all soggy and the other a husk of its former self. I think you get the idea?

Enter the new ghd Glide, a revolutionary addition to my tools wardrobe and fast becoming my daily go-to, whether I have freshly washed hair or not. Essentially this product is just a heated brush, and we have come across these before, but what makes this one different is that it has a touch of added ghd magic.

ghd Glide Hot Brush ghd Glide Hot Brush

I don't need to take time out and try to convince you of the merits of ghd; we are all aware that the brand is unrivalled when it comes to straighteners and that they have been going strong for over 20 years. I still have my original ghd, gifted to me in my teens, it still works! At first glance, the Glide looks to be 'just another brush', but it does so much more than any other heated brush I've ever tried -- it is a hair taming tool sent from the Gods. Consisting of two ceramic plates that heat uniformly to 185C, otherwise known as the optimum styling temperature, it smooths hair in seconds. The trick is the inbuilt ioniser that imparts negative charges throughout the hair as you style to combat static and frizz. Restoring balance into my life, I am left with perfectly smooth and glossy hair.

Now, let's be clear, as a Beauty Editor, I get to try out LOTS of various tools and products. It is fair to say that I know my way around a beauty hall, and I can tell pretty rapidly what works, and what doesn't. This works. It works for my terrible hair, and it will work for yours. It is perfect to bring on honeymoon and will shape and style your locks as close to a sleek blow-dry as you will be able to achieve at-home by yourself.

A limited edition release, these won't stay on shelf long, so GO, GO GO!

--- Dani Farrell

Image Credit: Portrait image from Boohoo.com