From the moment your Price Charming drops to one knee and asks for your hand in marriage, the countdown to gorgeous begins! The key to being fresh-faced and beautiful on your big day is starting your beauty prep as early as possible to ensure your wedding photos are ones to be proud of.

Beauty appointments


A dramatic change of colour/style is a daring move to make for your wedding. Shocking guests with a sleek new style could work in your favour, yet could be one of the biggest beauty fails you make. If thinking of taking a dramatic change when it comes to your do’, consult first with a trusted stylist and have at leave at least six months before the wedding if changing the colour. Scalp massages and deep conditioning treatments in the run-up to the wedding will stimulate follicle growth and add body. Insist on a few hair trials to try out some possible styles and ensure you are 100% happy with your chosen wedding hair.


It’s your wedding day; one would assume you would spend the majority of your time smiling, right? However, tea, coffee, cigarettes, whatever your vice, they’re guaranteed to stain your teeth. This is why it’s essential to visit your dentist a couple of months before the big day in order to remedy this. He will advise you on the different types of teeth whitening available, ensuring your pearly whites stay that way.



Brides-to-be must tread carefully with this beauty treat. Facials will bring out the natural glow of your skin, unclog pores and ensure no nasty spots rear their ugly heads on your big day. However, if you don’t properly research and test your chosen facial well in advance of your wedding, an allergic reaction may occur. So if red, blotchy and horrendously itchy is not quite the look you were going for, visit a recommended dermatologist for any skincare worries you have and trial any treatments long before the wedding. Don’t forget to drink water like it’s going out of fashion too.


No matter who you’re deciding to go with when it comes to your make-up, make sure you book a consultation and trial with your chosen make-up artist well in advance of the big day so you’re confident about the look you’re going for and happy that it suits your face and achieves the look you’re going for. You don’t want to feel unhappy with your make-up on your big day or not look like yourself.

- Michelle Storey

Image credit: Bride: Laura Marii Photography