While you’ve put measures in place to look your absolute best, some things you just can’t control and beauty problems as likely to happen on your wedding day as they are any other day (maybe more likely if you take Murphy's law into account). But don’t worry, we’ve got remedies for your emergency day-of beauty problems. So take deep breaths, relax, and stock up on water and lemons because they will be your best friends throughout these beauty problems.

Bridal beauty problems

1. Puffy eyes

One of the most common beauty problems the morning of your wedding is puffy eyes but don’t worry, they can be fixed. Put 4-6 teaspoons in the freezer for 15-20 minutes, while you lie back with cool teabags over your eyes. Then apply the curved side of each spoon to your eyes. When they get warm, replace them with another pair. After this, sit back and relax with a cup of hot lemon water to detox and hydrate your system.

2. Pimple problems

Always a top fear for every bride is to wake up with a huge red spot on her face for the big day. There are a few steps to this. First: reduce the redness and swelling with an ice cube. It’s good to have another lemon handy at this point because the acid in lemons dries pimples out (probably best to avoid the old toothpaste trick, as it’s quite harsh for your skin). If you have a white head, don’t squeeze it, you’ll most likely do more damage than good. Instead, dip a sewing needle in rubbing alcohol and gently push it into the centre of the white head, just enough to pierce it. Gently press around the edges (don’t squeeze) and dab at the area with a cotton bud and some more rubbing alcohol. If you're looking for some of our top blemish remedies in the run up to the big day, you can check them out here.

3. Runny mascara

Even the most together brides have been known to shed a tear or two at significant moments throughout their wedding day. You have probably prepared for panda eyes with waterproof mascara but if you’re mascara isn’t water resistant, or you just want to play it safe, have a cotton bud on hand. Dampen it, and gently dab (don’t drag) on the mascara. Have your under eye concealer on hand too to touch up most affected areas.

4. Smudged nail polish/broken nail

Another common bridal "disaster", a smudged nail can ruin the look of your whole manicure. Don’t worry, just make sure you have your colour nail polish on hand. Use a cotton bud to put a tiny amount of nail polish remover on the damaged area to remove any globs and smooth out the polish. If there’s now a bare spot, gently apply your colour and when it dries add a quick top coat over the area. The other important addition to your emergency kit is an emery board to file your nail if it breaks.

5. Tanning streaks

When it comes to beauty problems for the wedding, tanning streaks is a major one, but first things first: don’t panic! Tan is fixable even on the day of the wedding. First, grab your friend the lemon again, and cut it in half. Sprinkle salt onto the open side and gently rub it against the discoloured or streaky part of your skin. The citrus acid dulls the tone and breaks up the colour, while the salt acts as an exfoliant. Then use bronzer to fix up any patches that were missed by the tan. Now that you've solved all your beauty problems, you're officially wedding-ready!

- Jenny Darmody

Image credit: Kerry Jeanne Photography via Green Wedding Shoes